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We Need 21 Senators to Vote YES Tomorrow or the
Complete Streets Bill is Dead This Session!
PLEASE call your senator (listed below) about the
Complete Streets bill. IT MUST PASS TOMORROW.

The Complete Streets bill, SB 513, would require the Texas Department of Transportation to consider all modes of transportation including bicycles and walking in road renovation or new construction projects that use federal or state funding.

The bill passed through the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee last week, and the entire Senate may vote on the bill TOMORROW, May 18!

The bill squeaked by in the Committee, with a 5-4 vote, so your help is necessary to pass this bill!

We need you to contact your Senator NOW and ask him or her to vote in favor of SB 513. You can help by calling or writing him or her in support of the Complete Streets Bill. Let us know you’ve called or CC us on the email, and please forward this email.

We have listed each of the Texas State Senators with their anticipated vote below.

If your Senator intends to vote no, please express your disappointment and your hope that he or she will vote in favor of the bill.

If your Senator will vote for the bill, please thank him or her for supporting Complete Streets.

If your Senator has not expressed an opinion, it is very important that you express your support for the bill and your hope that he or she will vote for the bill. It will be a very close vote, and every vote counts!

Thank you for your support of SB 513 and its potential to create safer streets on which Texans can bike ride and walk.  For information on the Complete Streets bill such as bill language, supporting organizations and bill authors, go to the BikeTexas website.

To find out who your State Senator is, click here!

Here is the list of Senators, broken down into how they voted for SB 513 in the Senate Transportation Committee, or how BikeTexas believes they will vote.

Wendy Davis, Dist. 10 (joint author)
(512) 463-0110
Bob Deuell, Dist. 2 (joint author)
(512) 463-0102
Rodney Ellis, Dist. 13 (author)
(512) 463-0113
Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, Dist. 20 (voted “yes” in Committee)
(512) 463-0120
Eddie Lucio, Dist. 27 (confirmed vote to BikeTexas)
(512) 463-0127
Jose Rodriguez, Dist. 29 (joint author)
(512) 463-0129
Kirk Watson, Dist. 14 (voted “yes” in Committee)
(512) 463-0114
Jeff Wentworth, Dist. 25 (voted “yes” in Committee)
(512) 463-0125
Craig Estes, Dist. 30 (confirmed vote to BikeTexas)
(512) 463-0130
Chris Harris, Dist. 9 (voted “no” in Committee)
(512) 463-0109
Robert Nichols, Dist. 3 (voted “no” in Committee)
Florence Shapiro, Dist. 8 (voted “no” in Committee)
(512) 463-0108
Tommy Williams, Dist. 4 (voted “no” in Committee)
(512) 463-0104

Brian Birdwell, Dist. 22
(512) 463-0122
John Carona, Dist. 16
(512) 463-0116
Robert Duncan, Dist. 28
(800) 322-9538
Kevin Eltife, Dist. 1
(512) 463-0101
Troy Fraser, Dist. 24
(512) 463-0124
Mario Gallegos, Dist. 6
(512) 463-0106
Glenn Hegar, Dist. 18
(512) 463-0118
Joan Huffman, Dist. 17
(512) 463-0117
Mike Jackson, Dist. 11
(512) 463-0111
Jane Nelson, Dist. 12
(512) 463-0112
Steve Ogden, Dist. 5
(512) 463-0105
Dan Patrick, Dist. 7
(512) 463-0107
Kel Seliger, Dist. 31
(512) 463-0131
Carlos Uresti, Dist. 19
(512) 463-0119
Leticia Van de Putte, Dist. 26
(512) 463-0126
Royce West, Dist. 23
(512) 463-0123
John Whitmire, Dist. 15
(512) 463-0115
Judith Zaffirini, Dist. 21
(512) 463-0121
Before writing or calling, please review our general guidelines for writing your representatives. Some specific points we suggest you make for a letter or phone call regarding SB 513 are:

  • Properly address your representative (see our general guidelines) Identify yourself as a constituent (e.g. “I’m a voter in District 4”, or “I live in your district.”)
  • Briefly state your background and any relevant affiliations (e.g., I’m a city official/engineer/PTA member/parent and a member of BikeTexas)
  • State that SB 513 (the Complete Streets Bill) is important to you and why in a short sentence or two. Make it personal to your experience. See our FAQ’s for ideas.
  • Ask that your representative vote Yes on SB 513. Making a specific request is key. You might ask it as a question, e.g. “Will you support SB 513?”
  • Be polite. You might thank them for their public service.

For more information, contact BikeTexas at 512-476-7433.

Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors!

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