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Saturday Bike Bonanza!

This Saturday, we are having a bike demo and SALE in Helotes!  All our bikes will be outside and ready to test ride.  ALL bikes will be discounted SIGNIFICANTLY on Saturday only!  We’ll have 2012 bikes at closeout pricing, as well as discounts on 2013 products, including Road, Tri, and Mountain bikes from Felt.

Our entire stock of BMC Products will also be on display and ready to test ride.  This includes the Grand Fondo bikes in Carbon and Aluminum, the TM01 and TM02 time trial bikes, and the Four Stroke full suspension mountain bike. Wow!!

ALL GORE BIKE WEAR is 30% off on the day of the sale.  Get ready for the cold front… brrrr it’s really coming!

Gift Certificates for Retul Bike fitting services are also 30% off!! Normally $200, $140 on day of sale.

What are you waiting for?????

Shimano Goodies

Shimano just stopped by for a technical demonstration of their new Dura Ace 9000 group.  I took pictures of the bike and components– but I really should have taken pictures of the smiles on the employee’s faces when they came back from thier test rides.

Email me if you’re interesting…


Sweet New Ride

Congratulations to Robert Carlton on his new Ridley Bicycle!

The pics were taken during his bike fit session using Retul Technology.  Soler’s Sports’ Frank Prior is a Retul Certified fitter for road and triathlon and can get you fit for optimum comfort and performance.  Book your appointment today by calling 210-490-9987.

The Coolest Bike in the Store

We just unboxed a Felt 24” road bike for display at our Helotes location.  I have a soft spot for youth sized road bikes.  Every time I get to sell or service one of these bikes I go out of my way to thank the parents for supporting cycling and tell the young cyclist how lucky he is.

Go read any cycling related headline to understand why this is the most important bike in our store.  Seeing one of these in the world always excites me.  I know the great things cycling can do for a kid.  Because of that I’m hopeful for all of the great things kids can do for cycling.

Please email me if you are interested in a youth road bike.  I’ll book a free fit session and spend some one on one time with any youngster interested in pedaling a road bike.


Felt F24

–Frank Prior

Bike Workshops @ Helotes

We are excited to announce the return of weekly Bike Clinics to Soler’s TriSports in Helotes!

There will be a clinic every Sunday at 10am and the topic will alternate between monthly maintenance and how to fix a flat. Come join us!



Call 210-695-6430 for more information!

Congrats, Landon, on your new ride!

Congratulations to Landon on his new Ridley Orion! What a sweet ride

Did you know that Soler’s Sports has TWO tri-sports locations? Check out the newly remodeled Stone Oak store to see what’s new!

First bike sold @ Stone Oak store!

Congrats to Mr. Becken on his new Felt Z4.  Come check out the bike fitting studio at our Stone Oak location!

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