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Want to know more about Hoka One One?

Want to know more about Hoka One One?

Here’s a little background about Hoka, click here to read more!


They’re HERE!

I have been expecting her for weeks, and I was anxious to meet her. I had heard how she could improve my running, and I had seen pictures of her.  She is…oh how do I say this?… She is like beautiful physics in motion.  Physics you say?  Yes, the thrill of some sort of Newton(ion) physics.  Well, okay that’s a weird description, but that’s what she is.  Anyway, I’m getting distracted.

They told me she was going to be stopping by soon, and I’ve been waiting, and well, the time has come!  Look who just walked in the door!  She’s dark around the toes, on her sides and the heel, with a radiant pink complexion about her on her upper.  And her sole… oh her sole has the same radiant pink.  She’s beautiful!

Hey, wait a minute!  I thought she was the only one stopping by.  Who’s he?  What?!  You’re married?  He can help me too?!  What a great team you make!  Your husband, he’s dark around the toes on his sides and around his heels too, with green on his upper and sole.  You know they say it’s not easy being green, but…that’s a nice green.  Well, you make a beautiful…err…handsome couple.  This actually works out even better, because your husband and I can go run together, and you and my wife can go run together.

So, where do we start in all this?  Soler’s Sports you say?  Okay, well I’ll tell my friends to stop by our store to meet you.  Oh really?  You’re one of a kind?  There aren’t many of you around, and you can’t be reproduced?  Well, where all will you be going?  Awesome!  All 4 Soler’s locations, and you’ll be at all of them today, Wednesday, Aug. 21.  Okay, I’ll pass the word quickly

I gotta run, it’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Newton LE.  Oh, and I’ll tell my single friends that they don’t have to be married to meet you.  Oh, you have some single friends too?  Nice.

Newton Gravity Limited Edition available at any Soler’s Sports locations while supplies last.  These shoes are strong and faithful, but when they run out, they’re gone…

Pre-Buy Starting Today!

Soler’s Sportswill be receiving shipments at each location of these special edition Newton Gravity running shoes next week! These hot colors were only produced in limited quantities so once these shipments sell out, you won’t be able to get them again!

The expected arrival date is the next of next week (Aug 18-20th), but we will post a message to Facebook and Twitter as soon as the shipments are unpacked!

If you don’t want to wait for the mad dash to pick up your size, we are offering a special PRE BUY opportunity. You can stop any Soler’s Sports location beginning today (Aug 9th) and pre-pay for your Limited Edition Gravity to secure your pair.

Women’s color: Hot pink & black with a glitter accent

Men’s color: Lime green & black

We have only limited quantities in each size, so they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we are sold out of a particular size, we will not be able to get more, so order soon!
Discounts cannot be applied to the Limited Edition Pre-Buy



for more information or
to inquire about size availability!

Winter on SALE!

Spring has sprung, and to celebrate we are moving out our winter apparel. This weekend all winter apparel will be 50% off!! That’s right! This is your chance to stock up on high-quality fitness gear and bargain prices! All locations — don’t miss out!

2011 Bicycle Clearance Sale at Soler’s Tri Sports in Helotes!

Selected 2011 Triathlon and Road Bicycles are ON SALE at our Triathlon Shop at in Helotes. These are the best prices all year on Quintana Roo, FELT and Fuji high performance bikes. Selection is limited to on hand quantities and no un-reasonable offer will be refused. Remember our Tri Shop has a full service dept for Bike Maintenance and offer Professional “RETUL” Bike Fitting.

Valentines Gifts for your Honey!

Just in case you weren’t quite ready for Valentines, we have some last minute gift ideas to help! Run on over on your lunch break, and we’ll save the day!

Here are some of our favorite honey-do’s….

The Stick or a foam roller – these are simply the best tools to have at home for muscles soreness, ahhh….

Hydration system – if your honey is in training, show some hydration love with a new water bottle or belt! A hydrated honey is a happy honey!

Garmin watch – go ahead, splurge! For Valentines Day why not give the unexpected?! The Garmin GPS-based distance and pace tracking system is sure to delight any fitness enthusiast!

Wicking socks – Soler’s Sports offers a wide variety of moisture-wicking socks for every foot! Avoiding cotton socks is the best thing you can do to avoid blisters and fungus, neither of which is very romantic!

Soler’s gift certificate — can’t decide? That’s ok, let your honey do the shopping!

Massage gift card from MTC Sports Therapy – who doesn’t love to get pampered?? Contact MTC <>


Did you get your GroupOn?

Don’t miss the great deal on today’s San Antonio GroupOn!

Escaping from Alcatraz always required determination, fearlessness, and a 21-speed bike. Break out of the indoors with today’s Groupon: for $20, you get $40 worth of running and cycling equipment, apparel, and accessories at Soler’s Sports. Choose from the following locations: Alamo Heights, Jackson Keller Road, and Stone Oak Parkway, all in San Antonio, as well as the location in Helotes.

Dress like a Girl!

Who wants to RUN like a girl, but DRESS like a boy? Not these three ladies! Check out the cute running outfits available at Soler’s Sports! Show those boys how it’s done…

Proud mom Ana Maria with daughters Alexandra, center, and Carolina, right.

Jogging with Baby

I’m not sure about you, but the turn in the weather just makes me want to get OUT! And for those of you with little ones at home, the cooler temps probably have you wanting to pull out the jogging stroller, too.

Here are some tips for jogging with baby:

  • The general recommendation is to wait until your baby is 6-8 months old before running with him/her in the jogger. By this age they have stronger neck muscles to handle the bumpy ride.
  • Make sure you have a jogger that is matched to your activity. Strollers that are designed for running have unique features that you will appreciate:  good suspension (to reduce bouncing), non-swiveling front tire (best for running, swivel is ok for power walking), tether strap (for safety on steep inclines), lightweight frame for easier maneuverability, five point harness, etc.
  • Practice with the stroller before heading out for a long run. It will take some getting used to!
  • Be aware of your route,  and make sure your stroller is appropriate for the terrain (wheel size, suspension, etc). Make sure you will have wide enough passage for the stroller, the area is free of obstacles, and do not run with the jogger in the dark.
  • Never take your hands off of the stroller while running. The wrist strap is a safety device, it is not intended to be your sole contact with the stroller.
  • Be courteous to other runners, walkers & cyclists. Give them plenty of room when passing or move over to allow them to get around you if necessary.
  • Don’t forget the sun! Be sure to cover your baby from sun exposure and use recommended sunscreen for small children.

BOB strollers are one of the more popular brands of joggers for a good reason. They offer a variety of features and a good price. Check out this fact sheet for more information!


Get your Fingers here!

You’ve heard the buzz… minimalist footwear is the latest thing to hit running specialty and Vibram Five Fingers are the “shoes” that started it all. They’ve been incredibly hard to find… leaving would-be enthusiasts circling the running store like a vulture closing in on its prey.

But not any more!

Soler’s Sports is well-stocked in Treksport, Bikila, Komoto Sport and KSO models at all four locations. Come try them out!

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