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Looking for the Perfect Custom Fit?

At Soler’s Sports, we understand that you simply want to grab your gear and run, and reach your goals, injury free. In order to help you accomplish your objectives, we offer a gait analysis by our expert staff to help you in selecting the right shoe for you. While in the store, we will take a look at your feet, achilles heel, and arches to determine what your foot is “doing” while in motion. Through our gait analysis, finding out what your goals are, what level of runner you are, and if you have any injuries we need to consider, we can fit you for the right type of shoe specific to your foot and running style. We want to run, just like you, and we know the invaluable service that comes from being fitted for the correct shoe. So run by any of our locations, and take advantage of our expert gait analysis to get you on your feet and running!


2013 Solers FIT – USA FIT San Antonio Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program

Welcome to Soler’s Fit/USA FIT San Antonio! We are thrilled to have you with us for our 10th season of full and half marathon training to train for the Rock N Roll Marathon & Half Marathon on November 17, 2013.

We are proud to announce that the Competitor Group has made USA FIT the preferred training program for the Rock N Roll Marathon & Half Marathon. Stay tuned for discounts and promotional items for the RNR San Antonio.

Back this year, we are offering three training locations – you can choose any one of the three or you can switch around. Whatever works best for you:

Stone Oak Store
18720 Stone Oak Parkway #150
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Alamo Heights Store
5933 Broadway
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Helotes Store
14405 Old Bandera Road
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NEW for 2013

Team FIT is NEW for Soler’s FIT 2013!

The training is more rigorous than our original training schedule and will require more consistency and commitment from the runner. Half and full marathon runners of all pace groups are welcome to join!!

Because the workouts are longer and more intense it is best if runners have a 3 month base before starting. This will decrease injuries and improve overall fitness.

  • Half Marathon Base: Long Run of 4-6 miles & are able to run an additional 2-3 days a week 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the season
  • Full Marathon Base: Long Run 6-8 miles & are able to run an additional 2-3 days a week of 20-30- minutes prior to the start of the season
  • Team FIT will offer 1 coached workout during the week with a qualified and experienced coach to help you achieve your running goals
  • You will also receive a Team FIT singlet along with the Soler’s FIT training shirt

ATP (Advanced Training Program): the core training philosophy embodied in this training regimen emphasizes quality over quantity. The schedule is flexible, but it contains a strong backbone – a progression through general, special, specific, and explosive strength training and an intense focus on the demands of marathon running. Because the workouts are more “advanced” participants are required to have completed a marathon or half marathon before starting.

If you haven’t done so, please visit our website at and make sure to sign up for our Newsletter (there is a button on the bottom right corner of the website).






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