Jolly Roger 2000

Soler’s Sports Invites You to make 2014 The Year of the Pirate with the Jolly Roger 2000 or Buccaneer 1000 Mile Club! It is so easy. Just go to the website and click on the Events Tab, locate the Buccaneer or Jolly Roger tab and record your cumulative running or walking mileage starting from January 1, 2014. The end goal of hitting either 1000 miles for the Buccaneer Club or 2000 miles for the Jolly Roger Club! If you are wondering- You can switch between clubs if you like- depending on how well you are doing.

We believe that tracking your mileage is a great motivator that will keep you focused on your goals. Your only competition is with yourself! We want to make this fun! We will update the entire participant’s mileage- but please, this is completely on the honor system and not a cut-throat deal. What do you get for your efforts? For one- bragging rights that you are keeping your training up! We will have finisher’s T-Shirts for the Buccaneer 1000 or Jolly Roger 2000 as the ultimate reward! Sign up today!