New to Running


We understand what’s it like to be a new runner or cyclist! We all started out as a “Newbie” at one point in time, and we also work with “Newbies” every day! The most difficult thing about running and cycling is getting started, and only YOU can do that! Once you’re on the road and going, everything else is downhill from there… except for some uphills… which are good for you, although they sometimes hurt. Anyways, as a new runner or cyclist, there are some things we would like to help you consider that will make your time on the road more effective and productive.

Here are some things to consider:


What type of gait do you have?

It’s important to know what type of gait (neutral, pronation, supination) that you have so you can run in the correct shoe for your foot-type. We provide the service of a gait analysis when you visit our stores so that we can make a recommendation on the proper shoe for you.

What kind of clothes do you wear?

You would be shocked (all of us were) at what a good pair of shorts and shirt will do for you and regulating your body temperature, especially with our San Antonio climate. We can help you pick out great technological pieces of apparel that will help you…and for those of us who care about such things…fashion sense is a must!

What type of socks do you run in?

Cotton is cool, but it absorbs moisture. The longer you run in cotton, the heavier it gets, which leads to chaffing, blisters, hot spots and more. Let us help you find the right socks for your running feet!

How does a camel survive in the desert?

It’s that hump! But how will YOU survive? You’ll need some hydration equipment, as well as the proper methods of refueling your body. We can help you with everything from a hand-held bottle, to a belt, to a…wait for it…a Camelbak!

What if your leg falls off?

We’re not doctors, and if you want to try some RockTape, we can try to reattach it, but in our experience, the tape wears off after a few showers. However, if you have some nagging injuries, we can help you with form, strength, or flexibility issues that may be keeping you chronically injured, as well as being able to provide you with some medical products to support you while you recover. We don’t diagnose, treat, nor can we cure what hurts you, but we do have extensive experience in dealing with common runner’s injuries.

How are you going to train?

We’ve got groups for that!


What type of bike do you want and what size do you need?

Road bike? Mountain Bike? Tri-Bike? Hybrid bike? Our expert bike staff can help you answer these questions, as well as “fit” you to the proper size bike with correct positioning.

Why would you want a more expensive pair of cycling shorts when you can grab one off of the clearance rack at “Bike Shorts to Go”?

Ok…well…let’s go ahead and say it: That’s like asking, “why use toilet paper, when I can go grab a leaf off of the tree?” Trust us, your hind parts will appreciate it. And we’ve got some great options at prices to fit your budget.

How does a camel survive in the desert?

See answer above…except we will adjust our recommendations of what type of products based on your bike and your specific cycling needs.

What type of apparel do you wear while riding?
When you begin to consider being out in the elements for a longer period of time than if you are running, and when you are dealing with higher winds, what you wear is incredibly important. Your clothing affects your temperature regulation, protection from the sun, aerodynamics, comfort, and even visibility. We can help you make a great decision on what fits your needs and budget.

Who are you going to ride with?

We’ve got friends!…and lots of them!

Why shop at Soler’s Sports and not the nearest national chain?

  • Our expert staff addresses the needs of your specific body and workout regimen through analysis and years of experience. You will not get this type of one-on-one, taylor-fit customer service at a nationwide chain where you simply go “pick out your shoe.”
  • The items that we offer have been rigorously tested. We do not carry “life-style” products that will wear and tear in a short amount of time, we carry “specialty” products that are high in quality, giving you protection and comfort over a longer period of time.
  • We offer training programs and fitness opportunities that plug you into a community of runners, cyclists, and triathletes of all ages and levels
  • The dollars you spend at our stores support our local San Antonio economy. We’ve been in business since 1989, so we’ve got what you might call a bit of a “track record”.
  • We’re homegrown!