Soler’s Open – Cross Country

Ah…cross country…what a different beast!

2 mile cross country loop

Gently rolling hills and mostly grass

This is traditionally a high school cross country relay event.  Every year we have over 1000 energetic, motivated high school students compete in a 3 person cross country relay.  This year, we are opening the event up to the public with a 1 loop 2 mile course.  We’ll start after the high school meet, so around 10:00 am.  There will be over 1000 spectators cheering you on!  The Soler’s Open is NOT a relay.

The price is right, and the energy is HIGH!  Join us!

$20 until midnight 8/31/18

$25 until 1:00 pm 9/7/18

$30 on Race Day

Soft, ringspun cotton, short sleeve and/or long sleeve shirts can be purchased at time of registration and on race day.

Guaranteed sizes if ordered by 1:00 pm 8/31/18