If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
– Woodrow Wilson

I don’t usually quote WW, but did find that this is an appropriate sentiment.  Especially if what you are trying to change is yourself.  If you are changing things in your life you probably have made a few enemies.  As you start this new venture, running, don’t stop to review, keep going.  Your true friends and your family will be there for you when your change is complete.

Packet pick up is this Thursday from 4-7 at Highlander Bar. Thursday, October 20th  from 4-7pm at Highlander Bar

5566 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio Texas 78229

Packet pick up is also Friday  Oct 21st fromm 4-7 at Solers Sports at 2589 Jackson Keller store 4-7 phone number is 210-366-3701

Packet pick up is also Saturday morning 6-730 am Race starts at 8am.
This is up course at the Drury Hotel 15806 Interstate IH 10.

Chip pick up is on Saturday 6-730 at Drury Hotel before the start of the race.

Remember we try to start on time so come early to figure out where you can park and how to get to the start.
Parking is available next door at Kercheville and Associates, under 1604 and IH 10 at the via park and ride and up and down the street behind the Drury Hotel.  Please do not park in the Drury Hotel parking lot, unless you are getting a room.  Do not park in the park area we need to leave that for other people that are using the park.

It is highly recommended that you bring a water bottle with you, I hope you are listening. It is still hot and although we will have water and Gatorade at 4 locations you may want to bring your own. I highly recommend that you bring a water bottle and fill it at home before you leave in the morning.

During the run, if you are wearing ear phones, only have one in your ear and have your volume at half volume. The reason? We have to share this path with others that are riding their bikes in the area. You have to be able to hear what is going on around you.

We have alot of volunteers, but are seeking more, if you know someone that would like to volunteer have them email me and we will assign them.

At the finish we will have awards, beer, vodka, tequila, food from Highlander Bar, Massage (for $1 per minute so bring check or cash), myfifoods is coming and Honeymilk.

If you are not a runner but would like to partake in the festivities please make a $10 donation to the Marrow Match booth.

Event Description:
This is it your final race before the marathon.  This is a fast out and back course. Same as race #1 except this time you go further. 15K and 20 Miles. Your ready for the RNR Marathon. Hosted by drury inn with the after race get together at their location.
Here is a short list of the things that we have at this event.  We have Alamo Beer, Whispering Eye Tequila, Enchanted Rock Vodka, Highlander Bar and Grill Burgers, I Ching Gatos Band, Jason Cox-MC, Valero Volunteers, USAF Volunteers, Clark High School Volunteers, Massage by Majestic, Honey Milk, Drury Hotel Discounts, Soler Sports discounts, and much more….
The course will be well marked, there will be bike escort by Valero Bike Team for both races.  There will be porta potties at each aid station.  There will be some ultra food at the aid stations for the 20 milers.


Go here to register.

Awards will be special growlers with logo’s etched and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etched into to the award.
21-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

There will be prizes, that you must be present to win.
If you have questions please email me privately at bart@scallywompus.com

We need additional volunteers.  Email or call me.  bart@scallywompus.com

To make sure that we have an accurate race we have IAAP.  They help organize over 100 running events each year.  They are number one in San Antonio for timing and organization.

Soler Sports will be on hand to give you some special packet pick up discounts and to make sure that you have everything you need for a hot race before you leave their store.  This is key, come to Soler Sports to get your packet or sign up and get 20% off most items in the store.