Lauren Finely recently won the Girls 1A TAPPS Cross Country Championships held in Waco, Texas.  Lauren is regular at the Soler’s Sports training runs in Helotes, and also took part in Soler’s Sports Summer Training Camp.  Lauren took the time to answer a few questions for us.  Everyone at Soler’s Sports extends their congratulations to Lauren and her teammates at Geneva High School who also took the Team State Championship.

Soler’s Sports: Congratulations on your State Championship! How does it feel being called a State Champion?

Lauren Finely: It feels great knowing that all the hard work paid off and was worth it!

SS: You were 2nd last year, what changed this year in your training and approach to your season?

LF: I changed mentally more than anything. In previous years I ran just to run, but this year I wanted to win so I decided that I actually loved running which made me work harder.

SS: Were you worried going into your race, or where you pretty confident?

LF: I was a little bit worried, but still confident. I believed that it could be done though.

SS: You attended Soler’s Sports Summer Training Camp this year, how much did that camp assist in any improvement you had for this season?

LF: The camp helped me a ton! I’ve never really ran during the summer until this summer, so by the time cross country started I was well ahead of everyone.

SS: What is a typical training week for you?

LF: The first half of the season is a lot of mileage and fast mile repeats, and the second half is mostly speed work with recovery runs.

SS: Have you increased your mileage this year compared to last year?

LF: My mileage pretty much doubled this year, which helped a ton.

SS: How have you changed as a runner since last cross country season?

LF: I’ve learned how to mentally prepare better and just run my race. I also learned to love running, which made it alot easier.

SS: How long have you been running?

LF: I started cross country in 7th grade

SS: What first got  you into running?

LF: At my old school, cross country was the only sport we had so I was kind of forced into it.

SS: What is it about running that appeals to you?

LF: I like that it’s an individual sport and how you can see yourself progress over time, and I like the work ethic that it requires.

SS: Who is your favorite runner?

LF: I actually don’t have a favorite runner. I don’t really know any.

SS: Do you plan on running in college?

LF: I do plan on running in college, I just don’t know where yet.

SS: Any other thoughts?

LF: “Therefore, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” -1 Corinthians 10:31