This is an important petition going around the Helotes Area Petitioning the Bexar County Commissioner’s Court to develop a wider shoulder on Scenic Loop Road, to accommodate all the bike and pedestrian traffic. Please see below and TAKE ACTION!

With Spring comes warmer weather and with warmer weather comes an increasing number of bikers, hikers, and joggers on Scenic Loop Road.  This, coupled with the ever increasing vehicular traffic, is a perfect setting for potential accidents.  Read over the attached Petition to the Bexar County Commissions’ Court for a suggested remedial action to improve the safety before we have an accident.  If you have any better solutions I would be happy to hear them.  If you agree with the attached Petition action, please print your name and info on the provided lines, get 9 of your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same and return it to me as soon as possible

OR, if you prefer to sign online, click on the following link and forward this information to everyone you know that might be interested:


Ed Scharf
(210) 695-2533


Photo copyright Darrel Morrison 2011