We have just the deal for you stocking stuffer shoppers out there… purchase a stocking stuffer package, save 20%,  draw for an instant prize AND a chance to win a free pair of shoes! Wow – something you for your list AND something for you!

Stocking stuffer:

  • 2 socks
  • 3 gels
  • 2 energy bars
  • 1 Small Glide (His or Her’s)
  • 1 Drink additive (single serving-Cytomax or Nuun or Hammer)
  • 1 sticker

  Must purchase all items on stocking stuffer list.  All customers who purchase stocking stuffer win a prize AND are entered to win a free pair of shoes ($100 value).

Must purchase a stocking stuffer for prizes and drawing for shoes.  No Exceptions.  Multiple stuffer purchasers receive the same number of prizes and entries into shoe drawing as purchased.