The Texas Trails Run was held in Huntsville, TX on 11 December 2010 with almost 300 finishers in both the 12.5 mile and 50K runs. In comparison to 2009, the temperature was much warmer with temps in the mid-40s compared to last year’s frigid starting temps in the 20s. Unbeknownst to the participants out on the course, high winds quickly materialized in the mid-morning causing havoc at the finish line by knocking over chairs, tables, tents, and the start/finish line towers. Luckily, no one was injured by the over turned equipment flying around!!

The condition of the trails was as good as could be expected. There were the usual tree roots sticking up at several points along the way in addition to loose sand and a couple of muddy spots. It was evident several of the finishers had taken spills along the course when they crossed the finish line with soiled t-shirts, dirt-covered elbows and knees but with smiles on their faces!! The aid stations were well-stocked with plenty of candy, cookies, crackers, and fruit in addition to water and Coke. Volunteers at the aid stations were cheerful and encouraged the participants to keep on going.

For the 12.5 mile trail run, 16 year-old Corbin Witte was the first overall male with a time of 1:27:59 (7:02 per mile pace) while Sandra Carrasco was the first overall female with a time of 1:49:28 (8:45 per mile pace). In the Masters Men category, Hector Delgado finished with a time of 1:33:57 (7:31 per mile pace) and was 3rd overall. For the Masters Women, Michele Marvin finished with a time of 1:56:55 (9:21 per mile pace).

Congratulations go out to our overall 50K winners. Chris Robbins of Seabrook, TX finished 1st Overall Men with a time of 4:14:17 (8:12 per mile pace). For the women, Heidi Zimmerman Garza of Houston finished 2nd overall and 1st Overall Women with a time of 4:30:54 (8:44 per mile pace). In the Masters Overall, Lance Gay of Belton, TX finished 3rd overall and 1st Overall Masters with a time of 4:48:20 (9:18 per mile pace) while the 1st Overall Masters Women was Elva LaFuente of Houston with a time of 5:16:56 (10:13 per mile pace).