I have been expecting her for weeks, and I was anxious to meet her. I had heard how she could improve my running, and I had seen pictures of her.  She is…oh how do I say this?… She is like beautiful physics in motion.  Physics you say?  Yes, the thrill of some sort of Newton(ion) physics.  Well, okay that’s a weird description, but that’s what she is.  Anyway, I’m getting distracted.

They told me she was going to be stopping by soon, and I’ve been waiting, and well, the time has come!  Look who just walked in the door!  She’s dark around the toes, on her sides and the heel, with a radiant pink complexion about her on her upper.  And her sole… oh her sole has the same radiant pink.  She’s beautiful!

Hey, wait a minute!  I thought she was the only one stopping by.  Who’s he?  What?!  You’re married?  He can help me too?!  What a great team you make!  Your husband, he’s dark around the toes on his sides and around his heels too, with green on his upper and sole.  You know they say it’s not easy being green, but…that’s a nice green.  Well, you make a beautiful…err…handsome couple.  This actually works out even better, because your husband and I can go run together, and you and my wife can go run together.

So, where do we start in all this?  Soler’s Sports you say?  Okay, well I’ll tell my friends to stop by our store to meet you.  Oh really?  You’re one of a kind?  There aren’t many of you around, and you can’t be reproduced?  Well, where all will you be going?  Awesome!  All 4 Soler’s locations, and you’ll be at all of them today, Wednesday, Aug. 21.  Okay, I’ll pass the word quickly

I gotta run, it’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Newton LE.  Oh, and I’ll tell my single friends that they don’t have to be married to meet you.  Oh, you have some single friends too?  Nice.

Newton Gravity Limited Edition available at any Soler’s Sports locations while supplies last.  These shoes are strong and faithful, but when they run out, they’re gone…