Just in case you weren’t quite ready for Valentines, we have some last minute gift ideas to help! Run on over on your lunch break, and we’ll save the day!

Here are some of our favorite honey-do’s….

The Stick or a foam roller – these are simply the best tools to have at home for muscles soreness, ahhh….

Hydration system – if your honey is in training, show some hydration love with a new water bottle or belt! A hydrated honey is a happy honey!

Garmin watch – go ahead, splurge! For Valentines Day why not give the unexpected?! The Garmin GPS-based distance and pace tracking system is sure to delight any fitness enthusiast!

Wicking socks – Soler’s Sports offers a wide variety of moisture-wicking socks for every foot! Avoiding cotton socks is the best thing you can do to avoid blisters and fungus, neither of which is very romantic!

Soler’s gift certificate — can’t decide? That’s ok, let your honey do the shopping!

Massage gift card from MTC Sports Therapy – who doesn’t love to get pampered?? Contact MTC <mtcmassage@yahoo.com>