A camp with the purpose to help your athlete

  • -Be in excellent condition and be well prepared for the fall cross country season,
  • This is the primary reason for having the camp. But we dig deeper in the other areas!
  • -Teach the athletes the “why” behind the training.
  • Training is a big puzzle. You have to put all the right pieces in the right spot at the right time. We are big on the runners understanding the different aspects of training. We would rather have our athletes understand why they do what they do instead of just blindly doing what they are told. This makes running a more enjoyable experience.
  • – Make running a fun and memorable experience.
  • All of the coaches at the camp are outgoing athletes who will be a lot of fun to work with. They are primarily college age and have multiple years of running experience. We will also be having fun at the camp. We will have themed days where everyone is encouraged to dress in a particular theme (the theme might be a color, or a super hero) also some days we have games after we run.
  • -To instill a passion for running that lasts a lifetime.
  • As I’m sure you know San Antonio doesn’t top the charts when it comes to fitness as a city. It might be hard to change today’s generation but we believe we can change tomorrows generation and see running as a means to do that.

Additional information

We have a multiple member family discounts. Additionally there will be 3 scholarships that athletes can apply for by emailing Christian P. Chacon at cp.chacon@yahoo.com by May 31st. Applications for the scholarship should be 500 words detailing what they hope to gain from the camp and how they think running plays an important role in their lives.

Also the camp will be benefitting the American Cancer Society with $10 from every registrant going to their Determination program.

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